ACIC test finds drugs in our cistern’s

fire-match-flame-sulfur-45244.jpegA recent ACIC test found that an astonishing 3tonnes of cocaine, 1.3tonnes of ecstasy, 765kg of heroin and enough ice for 40 doses per day per 1000 people came through 45 sewage treatment plants around Australia.

And today, a big story about police  being too busy to catch hackers, the biggest problem facing our digital world.  What is there time being taken up with?  The answer is Drugs.

Clearly, the war on drugs has been lost and lost long ago in light of ACICs discoveries.  Persecution and imprisonment of users is not working.  By changing the law you can change society and give the police needed breathing space to sort out more pressing problems in today’s world.

Legalising drugs has provided substantial and documented benefits to societies around the globe and probably the most surprising fact from this relaxation of attitudes is that the rate of users has continued to stay the same if not declined in some cities.  In other words, just because it’s legal doesn’t mean more people become users.

It is a health problem not a criminal problem.


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