4Corners ABC 2nd April 2017 – The One Nation Exposé

After watching the Four Corners episode on One Nation to say that I am angry and appalled is a vast understatement but not for the reasons you’d think.

Not because of the denial of climate change by the party. Not because of the party’s constant railing against immigration, Islam and immigrants. Not because of the obvious corporate money-grubbing of the party.

You see for over 35 years I centred my entertainment business and toured the areas of rural and outback Victoria, NSW and Southern QLD travelling literally millions of miles and performing in every club, pub and Showground. I saw the environmental degradation of this entire area through scurrilous water deals, depletion of the water table, fracking and mining and bad farming techniques. All the while politicians putting their hands in their pockets and playing with their spare change which was usually more than rural and outback families would make in a week.

The entire time, I was watching this rural heartland becoming less and less informed and educated while becoming more and more disaffected with their daily situation. It is this that I am angry about. The lack of real substance to our political process for the last 20 years has caused this.

The removal of services especially education for the bush and the force feeding of totally engineered news and information services has formed the Australian versions of the Orwellian proles from ‘1984’ (the book; not the year).
What was it Plato said: “The price good men pay for indifference to public affairs is to be ruled by evil men”. A statement 2000 years old but could have been said this morning it is so relevant.

The entire socio-economic and political spectrum in Australia has engineered this debacle and now the whole of Australi is about to suffer the same way America is suffering under the illegitimacy of their current leader. During his entire campaign Trump said nothing other than what ‘the people’ wanted to hear. This is not politics. Trump was not prepared to lead the US and many of our current crop of politicians pander to the whim of this same sea of uneducated, ill-informed, disaffected voters.

These Australian parliamentary cockroaches are not prepared either and they treat politics as a money-train to fill their own bank accounts. They should be weeded out and sent packing and then build more rural schools and dismantle the digital information and news monopolies who sell entertainment instead of news so ordinary folk can have verified legitimate information at their fingertips instead of the so called ‘fake news’ that most people seem to be reading and believing in good faith.

Thanks to Mike Bagnall at Imagegrove for the image of me from 1981.

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