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The rise of anti-intellectualism

Armchair SJW PC warriors and their safe space pronoun pushing personal agendas are part of the biggest problem mankind faces and it’s an even greater danger than global warming.

It’s the rise of anti-intellectualism.

Smarter phones and dumber people are propelling us towards a world that would have been inconceivable decades ago when Heinlein and Asimov wrote about dystopian futures but here we are.

Social media has become anti-social media and Google, Facebook and Wikipedia et al are now the universities of uniform idiocy as people ‘like’ agreeable posts and pages instead of doing the one thing that research requires – alternative argument and opposite points of view.

The dumbing down of education and the spread of this anarchy of misinformation has led to massive worldwide increases in gene splicing clubs, flat earth conventions, and believers in the crazy notion of “they didn’t land on the moon” (even though I can see a lunar lander on the moon as I write through a $240 telescope from fucking ALDI).

So now imagine a future where the leaders of the world make their decisions driven by the will of the people through 24/7 exposure to anti-social media and fake news and ……..


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Country Music Legend – BUDDY WILLIAMS 100th Celebration

Last night in Dorrigo, NSW an audience had gathered from around Australia to pay homage to a legend, the father of Australian country music, Buddy Williams.

Buddy’s daughter Karen was there along with Lindsay Butler, Shaza Leigh, Trevor Day, Reg Poole, Trevor Tolton, Ashley Cook, myself and many more to pay tribute to the great man in story and song.

Buddy know as The Singing Jackaroo recorded tracks for Regal-Zonophone for the first time in September 1939, making him the first recorded Australian born singer/songwriter.

Buddy came back a war hero after service in Borneo and in the early 1940s recorded some of the greatest hillbilly music in the world setting the standard for the bush ballad that still stands today.

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Come Cruisin’ Country with me…

180719 cc8-fb KIDS OFFER

Come cruising with me on Cruisin’ Country 18. It coincides with school holidays so the whole family can come and see myself and their favourite country artists onboard Radiance of the Seas, leaving Sydney on 9th October from 7 nights.

Call 1800 550 320, visit your local Cruiseco agent or visit

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Here is an example of good journalism.

Whether you agree with the premise or not, Caroline’s article is researched and informative and also is a telling rebuttal of the ridiculous PC brigade mincing through the corridors of power in Australia.

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Radical reporting…

And here is a another ‘media hero’ Kylar Loussikian exposing her ‘views’ (read: sarcasm) to a national audience.

It is not a “deeply addictive and dangerous drug” as minister Greg Hunt has (ironically) stated. Since legalisation in Colorado, criminality is on the down turn. Gun and domestic violence decreased.

These views are out of kilter with worldwide opinion.


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Social unreality?


The shocking attack on a teenager in a Sydney shopping centre over a pair of shoes is nothing new albeit horrifying because of the face bite. What is new is the appalling lack of help given by shoppers, staff and security; NONE!

People just stood around while this thug tried to take the shoes and then ‘bit’ the victim on the cheek so hard as to almost take a piece out of the young boys face. No one lifted a finger to help while his sister video’d the entire affair.

I predict this scenario will become common place and I believe there is mounting evidence that suggests that the unsolicited worldwide experiment that we call social media is driving this disassociation with reality.


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ACIC test finds drugs in our cistern’s

fire-match-flame-sulfur-45244.jpegA recent ACIC test found that an astonishing 3tonnes of cocaine, 1.3tonnes of ecstasy, 765kg of heroin and enough ice for 40 doses per day per 1000 people came through 45 sewage treatment plants around Australia.

And today, a big story about police  being too busy to catch hackers, the biggest problem facing our digital world.  What is there time being taken up with?  The answer is Drugs.

Clearly, the war on drugs has been lost and lost long ago in light of ACICs discoveries.  Persecution and imprisonment of users is not working.  By changing the law you can change society and give the police needed breathing space to sort out more pressing problems in today’s world.

Legalising drugs has provided substantial and documented benefits to societies around the globe and probably the most surprising fact from this relaxation of attitudes is that the rate of users has continued to stay the same if not declined in some cities.  In other words, just because it’s legal doesn’t mean more people become users.

It is a health problem not a criminal problem.


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Happy Easter 2018

Give a thought for the billions of hungry people around the world this Easter:

Roughly one third of the food produced in the world for human consumption every year — approximately 1.3 billion tonnes — gets lost or wasted. Food losses and waste amounts to roughly US$ 680 billion in industrialized countries and US$ 310 billion in developing countries.The need for food for survival reasons is outstripped by the want of choice for economic reasons. Now there’s a plethora of products on our shelves that are nothing more than differently branded items, often made by the same company, giving us the illusion of choice.Make a shopping list and buy only what you need and eat at home. Restaurants and supermarkets are some of the worse wasters with some eatery’s throwing out up to 40% of there daily produce and meals and over 44 million tonnes of food going to waste through transport mishaps or ‘time on shelf’ expiry in our supermarkets.Some organisations are trying to help the some 780 million people starving in Australia and around the globe. Head to and have a look.

Happy Easter

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1507265_1006497272694326_7618348715695362120_oSTRINGS AROUND THE CAMPFIRE – RYAN SAMPSON AND PIXIE JENKINS

20, 21, 24, 25 & 26 JAN – CINEMA 3 – FORUM 6 CINEMAS

Presented By Campfire Country Theatre


Strings around the campfire brings to life some of the best songs of all time with its very own string section.

Set in a beautiful 138 seated theatre, Strings around the Campfire will show off the vocal talents of Ryan Sampson and the uncontrollable and contagious talents of Pixie Jenkins.


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Dry – A country mash up

Ryan Sampson and myself as CAMPFIRE recorded this beautiful and emotional tribute to the farmers.  Featuring Manfred Vijars it is a Mashup – a country music mashup and a must listen.

Watch DRY on our YouTube channel now…