STRINGS AROUND THE CAMPFIRE – RYAN SAMPSON AND PIXIE JENKINS 20, 21, 24, 25 & 26 JAN – CINEMA 3 – FORUM 6 CINEMAS Presented By Campfire Country Theatre PIXIE JENKINS AND RYAN SAMPSON STAR AS CAMPFIRE.\ Strings around the campfire brings to life some of the best songs of all time with its very own string section. Set in a beautiful 138 seated theatre, Strings around the Campfire will … Continue reading STRINGS AROUND THE CAMPFIRE

The ’empirical’ truth

The word ‘MAY’ was used in 59 out of 97 ads that I recently watched over a 24hr period on one channel alone. Everything from hair, skin, and other beauty products, child milk supplements, vitamins, minerals and other homeopathic additives and consumables and even pet foods. So much crap with no scientific evidence pushed on a gullible society; a world-wide, billion dollar ‘snake oil’ industry.  Forbes … Continue reading The ’empirical’ truth

The Rise of Popular Culture – Depression to Delirium (Country music’s influence on music history)

Introduction The momentous changes in popular culture from 1945 can’t be written about until a little history of the previous 15 years is discussed. There were enormous political, social, economic and geographical upheavals in the world during the first decades of the 20th century. As a result, popular culture in post-war America simply exploded and it was breakthroughs in technology and music that lit the … Continue reading The Rise of Popular Culture – Depression to Delirium (Country music’s influence on music history)

An Ancient Argument

Aristotle v Plato / Rhetoric v Dialectic Introduction This essay will discuss one of the earliest fundamental communication theories from around 350BCE. The theory proposed by Aristotle called ‘Rhetoric’. It will also discuss the ‘Dialectic’ theory of communication as championed by Plato. These Two theories are counterparts in ‘The Art of Discourse’ (Ong 2005). This essay will also acknowledge the links modern communication theories have to … Continue reading An Ancient Argument