Cody Wilson – 3D Printed Gun

Many people have asked is Cody Wilson good or evil.  I don’t think he’s either.  He’s simply an anarchist and a particularly idiotic one and the media has to stop giving this guy, full of his own self-importantance, a soapbox.

His continual diatribe about printing a 3D gun is totally fatuous and lacks a deeper understanding of what this technology is capable of.  He’s driven by an ego that craves attention and he is causing an unnecessary distraction in the development of this desktop based version of a radical technology that will change the world.

Wilsons comments are affecting US legislature by turning many less informed congressional members against this futuristic but affordable technology.

Desktop 3D printing is the ‘Startrek Replicator’ technology we dreamed of as kids and leaders of this affordable desktop industry, such as ‘Makerbot’ and ‘Form Labs’ will be the ‘Apple Inc’ of the future.

Both of these companies have had their share of problems but things will continue to move forwards despite Cody Wilson with groundbreaking applications such as personalised prosthetics printed in the home.

Imagine if you will a time when 3D printers move away from using plastics and polymers to genetically matched organics for printing actual body parts.

This is a future just around the corner.

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