Guns v Government

I know it’s hard for most Americans to come to grips with a society that has grown up without guns being around every corner.
In Australia, I did and still do.  I am proud of the fact that my country is almost singular in getting to nationhood without the loss of life and misery brought about by civil war (No. The Eureka Stockade was not a civil war…an ‘uprising’ maybe. There was just 13 people and a flag). We didn’t have a ‘wild west’ that romantised the cowboy into an almost mythical figure (although we do have one bushranger called Ned that drives a lot of tales).

When guns were prevalent in Australia, we wiped out the aboriginal population in Tasmania completely and massacred thousands of 1st nation peoples. I could make a link here with why Mr.Average in the Australian suburbia hasn’t been able to carry a weapon for over 150 years. Just as well, judging by what we did when we had ’em.

Sure we have our massacres and gun fights but we also have an adequate police force to deal with this which keeps the guns ‘mostly’ off of our streets period. We even have laws preventing their import.

What I’m trying to say is that most Australians can’t understand a country that enables the common man to bear arms.  Even though the 2nd Ammendment gives this right, it is to protect the ‘people’ against the ‘government’ and Downunder we just vote the bastards out.

This is a fundamental difference between our two nations.

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  1. I too cannot understand why the American people fight so hard to retain the “right to bear arms” in the context that exists today. With all of the crime and craziness which appears to exist in their society . I agree that in Australia today the more stringent gun laws in place are appropriate for our society and work because of the diligent enforcement of the Australian Police Force who do a fabulous job in very trying circumstances. I am proud to be one of the law abiding citizens allowed to participate in a shooting sport and allowed to own a firearm to participate in my chosen sport of target shooting. It is a sport which has given me the opportunity to travel to many countries as a proud Australian representative of the Australian Shooting Team and as such I cringe each time a gun crime is reported knowing that although it is not me or those people who are legally allowed to possess a firearm ( for the most part that is, legislation cannot cover all circumstances) perpetrating the crime, I know that every report is another senseless death or injury and another black mark against myself and others like me who enjoy a sport which involves the use of a piece of sporting equipment which has been used in an illegal manner. It saddens me that one day the sport I love will no longer be a part of the Australian way of life.

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