17 years in the making – New album soon!

Brigalow Moon is the title of a new album coming out in September from the master of the fiddle and mirth Pixie Jenkins.  Bookmark this page for future news of this release that Pixie has said has been 17 years in the making.  “Since my last release ‘True Blue Classics’ – A celebration of the music of John Williamson, I’ve been working and travelling and keeping my ear to the ground for what is happening in Australia’s ‘real’ country music” Pixie says.  “I believe there is a change coming and I’m hoping this new CD rides the crest of that change.  It would also be nice to win another ‘Golden Guitar’ because that would mean I’ve won them over 4 decades and only Slim has achieved that”.

3 thoughts on “17 years in the making – New album soon!

  1. From what I’ve heard to date – FANTASTIC … Simple yet innovative and VERY memorable.
    Looking forward to it’s release …


  2. Pixie, it will be a thrill to hear some of your new tunes, at this year’s #keenestock18!

    We will look forward to being your “backing band!”


  3. Can’t wait for this release Pixie! We met yo in Merimbula at the Country Music Festival and I bought my Mum your CD! She now lives with me and is a huge fan of yours! I think I know nearly every word of every song on those discs! We love you.
    Thanks for the music!

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